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What Are The Factors Affecting Height?

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One’s height is determined by a lot of factors such as genetics, diet, physical activity, and other health conditions. Being taller can make you a lot more confident. Your height is primarily determined by your genes but being physically active can also make some difference. You can do some Exercise to Increase Height on a daily basis but before looking at what exercises can help you grow taller, let’s first take a look at some factors that can lead to stunted growth. There are many factors that can affect your height such as


There are various hormones in the body that are responsible for one’s growth. Growth hormones made in the pituitary gland can influence one’s height. Also. the thyroid gland is also responsible for making hormones that can affect height. An imbalance in the hormones or other factors that affect hormone production can influence one’s height.

Physical Exercise

People who are physically fit are more likely to grow taller than people who are not physically active. This is because exercise is a great stimulant for Growth Hormone secretion in the body. Exercise such as aerobic and strength exercises cause an acute increase in the Growth Hormone secretion in the body which can help a person to grow taller.


Nutrition is one of the key factors that can influence one’s height. A balanced diet is good for the body as it provides the body with the right amount of nutrients required for the growth of the body. Protein-rich foods can help in growth as the amino acids present in protein supports growth and development. Therefore, consuming foods that are rich in protein such as seafood and dairy products can help you to grow taller.


Not having enough sleep can influence one’s height as the growth hormones are normally released at night. Lack of sleep can also increase cortisol levels in the body which are also known as stress hormones. A Chronic rise in cortisol levels can cause a lot of health problems such as High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes.

Environmental Factors

Studies have shown that various environmental factors can also affect height. People who are born in poor socio-economic conditions are less likely to grow taller because of the lack of proper nutrition and quality of food. People who are born in good socio-economic conditions are more likely to grow taller and stronger.


There are many factors that can affect height such as hormones, physical exercise, nutrition, sleep, and environmental factors. Lack of proper production of hormones in the body can cause stunted growth. The lack of physical activity as well can affect one’s height as exercise is a stimulant for the growth hormone production in the body. Proper nutrition can ensure that your body gets all the right nutrients which responsible for the body’s growth. Getting enough sleep can also affect height as the growth hormones are released during sleep. Various social-economic factors can also affect height as people who are born in poor conditions don’t have access to proper good quality food.