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5 Key Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Restoration

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5 Key Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction for Hair Restoration

FUE is a minimally-invasive hair restoration procedure to treat baldness and thinning hair. This technique differs from the strip excision procedure because follicular units are extracted individually rather than in strips. This newer technique is also less likely to cause the “hair plugs” look and leaves almost no scarring.

Natural Appearance

It was once thought that scalp hair grows in single strands, but it is now known that it grows in small groups of one to four hairs called follicular units. This is why follicular unit extraction for hair restoration is so effective and looks so natural. The surgeon will use a small punch to make an incision in your scalp to extract each follicular unit, and this process doesn’t create any noticeable scarring in the transplanted area. However, there will be tiny white marks where the follicles have been removed, but these will fade over time. The hair restoration team will then prepare the follicular units for transplantation, which requires great skill to ensure a successful and natural-looking result. Once the follicles have been moved to the area of thinning or baldness, they will be nourished by blood vessels and begin to grow hair naturally. This will result in a fuller and healthier-looking head of hair for you to enjoy.


Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a surgical hair restoration procedure that removes individual hair follicles from the back of your scalp and transfers them to areas where you have thinner or no hair. This technique aims to replace the old, thinning hair follicles with new ones still capable of growing healthy hair. This will give your head a fuller, more natural-looking appearance. Unlike the traditional follicular unit transplantation procedure (FUT), which resulted in the “hair plugs” look, follicular unit extraction uses micro punches to extract each follicle, leaving almost no signs of the surgery in your skin. While you may see tiny white dots where the follicles were extracted on your scalp, these will fade or be covered by your new, healthy hair. A specialized handheld device is used to carefully harvest your hair follicles from the back and sides of your head during the process. Then, the follicular units will be placed into the scalp in the area you want to restore, where they will grow naturally and fill out your hairline.

Less Scarring

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that uses tiny openings to harvest individual hair follicles and implant them into the target area. This technique is typically less painful than traditional strip harvesting, resulting in fewer noticeable scars in the donor area. In addition to its use in androgenetic alopecia, follicular unit extraction is used in other dermatological indications such as scarring alopecia, tractional alopecia, facial hair restoration, baldness concealment, eyebrow enhancement, hirsutism, and body hair restoration. It can even camouflage linear scars from previous surgeries, such as a facelift or a previous hair transplant.

Relatively Painless

Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is a surgical procedure that is less invasive than traditional strip hair transplantation. This means that patients can expect a faster recovery time and a more comfortable experience overall. Traditional strip harvesting removes a long, thin strip of tissue from the scalp. Then, this strip is dissected into individual follicular units using stereo-microscopic techniques. This results in a linear scar that can be visible if the patient wears short hair. However, with follicular unit extraction, surgeons can extract follicles directly from the scalp without leaving any noticeable signs of their presence. This is because substantial amounts of non-hair-bearing skin surround follicular units. This extra tissue can be extracted through small circular punches, leaving a scar hardly perceptible to the naked eye. As such, FUE offers a completely scarless option for hair restoration. This makes it the perfect choice for patients who want to keep their hair short or have a tighter scalp. In addition, it also allows for more grafts to be successfully transplanted than traditional strip procedures.

Rapid Recovery

The follicular unit extraction technique is designed to cause minimal discomfort. However, patients may experience scabbing and swelling at both the donor and recipient sites. Taking steps to follow aftercare instructions can help ensure a faster recovery. The procedure is a safe, effective option for men and women experiencing pattern baldness. It can help you restore a thicker head of hair that looks natural-looking. Follicular unit extraction is one of two primary methods for obtaining hair follicles, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for transplantation. The other is known as strip harvesting. The main difference between these methods is that follicular unit extraction involves removing individual follicles from the scalp rather than a whole strip of skin. This leaves the back and sides of the head scar-free, which is ideal for patients who prefer short hair. However, a small hole will be left behind the site where each follicle was extracted. This will eventually heal and be hardly noticeable once the hair grows back.